Nudi Point 100% Organic Oil - Argan or Rosehip


100% PURE Organic Argan Oil

11 Remarkable Benefits & Uses Of Argan Oil

1. Moisturise and soothe dry and reactive skin

2. Help manage the signs of premature aging

3. Helps with managing razor bumps

4. Help protect the skin against environmental pollutants

5. Improves the appearance of skin 

6. Help to manage stretch marks

7. Nourishes hair to help manage split ends

8. Nourishment for dry, brittle hair

9. Helps protect your hair from heat styling

10. Supports healthy strong nails

12. Nourishes and soothes dry, cracked feet



100% PURE Organic Rosehip Oil

12 Remarkable Benefits & Uses Of Rosehip Oil

1. Anti-damage elasticity boost - for aging or depleted skin 

2. Ideal for lines/wrinkles/scars

3. Addresses uneven skin tone

4. Dry hair

5. Nourishing oil for dry skin

6. Dull hair

7. Moisturizer

8. Dandruff 

9. Sunburn

10. Nourish brittle nails

11. Premature aging

12. Make your skin glow



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